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Emerging Marketplace Attractionseeker Features the Largest Selection of Fun and Excitement from More Than 10,000 Amusement Parks, Rides, Roller Coasters, Family Entertainment Centers, Museums, Water Parks, Zoos and More Around the World

CHICAGO, Illinois—July 12, 2012—Attractionseeker, an emerging marketplace that lets anyone discover unique destinations related to the amusement industry from attractions around the world, today unveils its new website and product advancements including the Attractionseeker App for iPhone and Android that allows people to search for attractions directly from their phone in a few simple clicks. Use the app to access exclusive Attractionseeker Offers, Events and Reviews relevant to your location and tastes from anywhere in the world. The Attractionseeker App is available today in Apple's iOS Store and Google Play.

The new website lets people search by country, region, city or type for more than 10,000 attractions located in 200 cities and travel destinations worldwide. Detailed descriptions, maps, ratings, weather reports, ticket prices, public transit times and reviews help people make informed decisions on where to go and how to get there. The mobile apps enrich this experience by providing this same information but on a deeper level as it changes based on the user's location. Therefore, Attractionseeker is the most convenient place for local attractions to showcase their latest thrills to an audience of millions and for people to find and plan their vacations or a day of fun regardless of the screen they are looking at.

"Attractionseeker is changing the way people experience family fun by providing a convenient destination to stay connected to the amusement industry which is always changing with exciting new rides, roller coasters and events everyday, " said Nathan Poeppelman, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Attractionseeker. He continued, "On a basic level, Attractionseeker is a very specialized directory for the amusement industry like yesteryear's phone book but updated for today's growing smartphone culture. We're building a supersite of all the attractions in the world. By doing so, we're helping families make better choices in how they spend their precious time and money.”

To date, Attractionseeker has raised seed funding with the goal of securing additional capital in the coming months to fuel product innovation, to accelerate expansion into more cities and countries around the globe, and to advance the company's rapid growth and hiring of a world-class team. Strengthening the offering to consumers as a source for reliable, relevant information at the local level is Attractionseeker's number one priority.

"Attractionseeker brings together passionate people all over the world through the site – offering everyone a truly local experience of their favorite attractions,” commented Drew Wade, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Attractionseeker. "Attractionseeker has assembled detailed information on more rides and roller coasters than any other source on the web including the largest theme parks in the world - more than Disney, Six Flags and Busch Gardens combined in Asia, Europe and North America. Our vision is to deliver a superb user experience that opens up the doors to fun and excitement for people of all ages, with a special emphasis on meeting the needs of young families.”

Attractionseeker offers round the clock customer support to ensure that the process of using Attractionseeker is simple, safe, and secure. In addition, Attractionseeker recognizes the importance of trust and encourages people to share their experiences through a balanced and authentic review system. In this way, attractions can enhance their online reputations. Trusted reviews also allow people to make informed decisions when choosing a destination that is right for them.

Attractionseeker aims to join the ranks of some of the most successful companies on the web that are devoted to the online travel space, including Airbnb, Kayak, Livingsocial, Orbitz and TripAdvisor. With online travel representing the largest category of e-commerce, with total sales exceeding the combined total of electronics, books, software, appliances and collectibles, there are amazing possibilities for the marketplace that Attractionseeker is building. Moreover, according to industry sources, travel is one of the largest advertising categories, with advertisers spending $33 billion globally on travel-related advertising last year. The portion spent online, however, is currently only 16% of this level, but it is expected to reach $9 billion by 2015, as it is a more efficient channel for advertisers to directly target individuals who are researching and planning travel.

Attractionseeker's mobile applications and features position the company to benefit from these trends with the expectation of explosive growth as witnessed by 5,000+ downloads in the first few months of release. As the company poises itself to meet the growing demand in key tourist markets such as Orlando, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, new investment will ensure Attractionseeker's status as the premier destination on the web for the amusement park and attractions industry which entertained close to 290 million visitors who experienced close to 2 billion rides in 2011, generating more than $12 billion in revenues, according to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

"Attractionseeker is a great tool to keep our guests informed of current events and specials,” remarked Becky Brigham, Marketing & Sales Manager of Magic Mountain Fun Centers. "I'm very excited to see what the company has in store for our families.”

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About Attractionseeker Launched in March 2012 and based in Chicago, Illinois, Attractionseeker is a trusted place for people to find fun things to do at amusement parks and local attractions around the world online or from an Android or iPhone device. Attractionseeker is the easiest way for attractions to showcase their events, offers and reviews to an audience of millions. With more than 10,000 unique listings of amusement parks, rides, roller coasters, family entertainment centers, museums, water parks and more located in hundreds of cities and numerous countries, Attractionseeker offers the widest selection of fun and excitement for people of all ages everywhere.

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